Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Together We can change the World.

"Youth is the season of hope, enterprise and energy to a nation as well as an individual.”- W.R.Williams“If you could influence the young, it would turn Earth into Heaven.” -Katherine T. Hinkson

“If youth is channelised in a positive direction he will be a great asset to the family, society, nation and the whole world. Every sane person on earth would like the present world conditions to improve substantially. And this fundamental transformation can only be accomplished by the youth.In this dark slumber, except the youth who else can raise the voice? Who else can guide people back to the righteous path?Youth and only youth can do this.Youth have high spirits. They accept responsibilities and challenging works, which can bring their dreams into reality through their innovative mind, sharp intellect and abundant physical energy.These need to be combined with virtues and moral values.While assessing the viewers’ opinion on the performance of one of the renowned T.V. channels, a girl interviewed had shown her strong disapproval on the display of anger, violence and sex.There are many similar to her youth age who crave for what is good and positive in life.But it is sad that youth today is under many pressures and demands on him on one hand and many imposing influences of family, friends and other segments of society, who wants youths to meet their expectations on the other hand.At this stage of despair, depression, frustration of broken dreams, they even take to drugs or evil ways of life like indulging in violence, crime, erratic behaviour towards elders and use their energy in negative aspects.”*What is required at this juncture?It is to guide the youth and channelised them towards positive all round development by:-inculcating moral values.-setting correct objectives and goals in life.-developing your self awareness and then society awareness.


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